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You can also disable the auto-shutdown if you do not wish to use it at this time. Change the encryption level if desired before clicking “Next.” Take special note of this password, as you need it every time you need to install this client certificate for a new user. Note: If you want to rename “Session Desktop” to something more description, see the example below. There is a small list of things you will need to check off to repeat the outlined steps in this guide. – Windows Virtual Desktop Requirements That’s what the next few sections are about. I recommend using PowerShell ISE as you can save/document your steps along the way. Again, if you see the green checkmark with the message “Validation passed” at the top left of the screen, then you are good to go. First, is Microsoft’s training on it. Rdsh Name Prefix (Base name of VMs you wish to use since these VMs are to be Windows 10 full desktops – I used “wvd-w10”), Rdsh Number Of Instances (How many VMs you wish to have created, -01,-02,-03 and so on will be added to the name), Rdsh VM Size (Recommend going with something not too pricey – Standard_DS1_v2 etc. So you may have a few things to do until the next leg of the journey. In Windows Virtual Desktop … So you’ll need domain admin access to your on-prem AD, or, use this guide to make your own DC in Azure. Search for Virtual networks in the search box. Install the agent; when you get to the screen below, replace the “INVALID_TOKEN” text with the text from your registration token. Either open “Azure Active Directory” and click on “Enterprise Applications,” or visit this blade in your Azure Portal: Select “Users and Groups,” then click on “Add User.”, Search for, then select the user you would like to grant permission to create Windows Virtual Tenants to and then click “Assign.”. Whichever one you choose, open it with an elevated prompt, and type the following cmdlets in the order shown. Finally, click anywhere off the field so that the “Save” option becomes available. The key is to select the region that offers the fastest response time for your area. Now, on your Windows client machine where you have been performing all the steps above, extract the VPN Client Zip you downloaded earlier. That means we need to create a Point to Site VPN, which is what we will do later in this guide. For many Windows Virtual Desktop deployments in Azure, the virtual machine costs of the Windows Virtual Desktop session host VM represent the most significant portion of the total … Because it is cloud service driven, it is highly scalable and always up-to-date. Shared Image Gallery is a separate Azure service that stores virtual machine (VM) image definitions, including image versioning. You need to use the Active Directory tenant ID (or Directory ID), … By software defining the desktop, you clip your dependency on rigid hardware and diminishing product lifecycles. PolicyPak and SECURING YOUR STANDARDS are registered trademarks of PolicyPak Software Inc. Other trademarks appearing on our website are owned by their respective owners.  Windows Server 2016 Once the changes save, click on the “Virtual network/subnet” in blue text. After a comfortable 30-second wait as suggested, repeat the previous steps and set the “Consent Option” to “Client App,” then fill in your “AAD Tenant GUID or name” and hit submit. Companies are undergoing their digital transformations to become more agile, and Windows Virtual Desktop is a prime example of fluid flexibility. But now we can publish to Azure Active Directory groups. We have to do it in the virtual network level. In this demo, I am going to demonstrate how to publish Desktops using Windows virtual desktop service. In the properties window, click on Assignments. You’re syncing “Traditional AD to Azure AD” even though the traditional AD is already in azure. 6. You can apply these roles to every Windows Virtual Desktop Azure Resource Manager object, which lets you have a full, rich delegation model. In there, click on + Add to create a new workspace. While traditional VDI achieves this, deploying a cloud desktop platform is far simpler from a configuration and deployment perspective. So now, it is finally time to add the Windows Virtual Desktop VMs. This procedure can cause issues for databases such as Active Directory, and lead to data corruption. We can’t simply modify network adapter settings of the VM and point DNS to the Windows AD server. Next, click on “Add” or “Create a virtual network gateway” to continue. We documented every step expressly so you could get started and see what we did, and you can do it too. And of course, it delivers your essential O365 apps to your users. Mindbender. I search for the group and then click on Select. Next, add a second DNS Server entry for any public DNS server on the internet. While it may seem out of the ordinary to push desktops from the cloud, it is the next step in the evolution of the digital transformation. If you ever worked with on-premises VDI solutions such as Microsoft RDS or Citrix, you may already know how much planning, management involve with it. As your final task in this exercise, click “Yes” on any UAC prompts if presented. Now that you have your virtual server in a secure environment now, we can make it a Domain Controller and then connect it to Azure. I used “wvdadmin” since I plan to use this same account later for the VMs localadmin account. 3. You can install any applications you like, which you want in the VMs. For the next steps we need to go back to the Microsoft Azure Portal. PolicyPak Note: All of the text within the red box is the token, you need to copy that text and save it somewhere safely (i.e., use Notepad) so we can use it later to link the VM (wvd-apps-0) to WVD-Host-Pool02. For the load balancing algorithm, we have 2 options. To do that, 1. • A Windows Server Active Directory in sync with Azure Active Directory. Now select “Subnets” and click on the “Gateway subnet” on the righthand side of the screen. You probably won’t be able to due to the default local firewall settings. During the subscription process, you can click whichever options you like on the page below. 2. In this demo I am going to use pooled option. At the “Security” screen, place a checkbox in the “Password” box and type in a password to secure the private key. In there first, change the Virtual machine size according to requirements. The next step is to Configure Enterprise Application Administrators in Azure AD to grant at least one of your accounts permission to create the Windows Virtual Desktop tenant. Create a Windows Virtual Desktop Host Pool for a Full Desktop During this step I will show you how to create a Windows Virtual Desktop Host Pool to publish a Full Desktop. More info: This saves money due to using less Azure infrastructure and provides the user with a familiar desktop experience. For demonstration purposes, I have created an OU called “WVD” and a sub-OU called “WVD Users” and added a few users under this OU. At the “Create virtual network gateway” screen, fill out the values for your environment using the below as a guide, then click on “Review + create.”. For more info…. Pre-Congratulations, you are almost at the finish line! • Depth-first load balancing allows you to saturate a session host with user sessions in a host pool. With Windows Virtual Desktop, you can set up a scalable and flexible environment: 1. You will, however, be able to remote desktop to it. As a bonus we will also show how to install and configure FSLogix. Then go ahead and select the application group. This needs start with … Why I … In my example, I’ve set the region as East US 2, for the image choose either Windows server 2016 Datacenter or Windows Server 2019 Datacenter, and for the size choose “Standard DS1 v2” if not already selected. – Installing and Connecting Your VPN At the end click on Next: Application groups. There is just one thing. Now we are going to assign a user to be able to access the resources in each pool. – Consent, and Permissions In there add the private ip address of the Windows AD server. Click + Create a resource button and search for Windows Virtual Desktop … – Final Thoughts. Users can access their expected desktop experience regardless of location. Download directly at Microsoft from here: Accept the license agreement, then click continue. – Configuring and Connecting Your Domain Controller Now everything is ready to go ahead with the host pool setup. There are also several initial configurations you will have to complete. You should now see new icons present for any apps you published. With COVID-19 global pandemic, businesses had to allow their employees to work from home. Earlier, we created the Desktop and Remote Application group host pools, “WVD-Host-Pool01″ for desktops and “WVD-Host-Pool02″ for remote applications. WVD + Windows 10 allows multiple users to use the same desktop virtual machine at the same time. The result should look similar to below. At the next screen, choose any “Disk type” you like and then click “OK” at the bottom of the screen. 4. You can work around the issue by pointing the icon at any image file present on all VMs in the particular host pool you are publishing applications to, as is shown in the example using Chrome.  Windows 10 Enterprise, version 1809 or later Test connection and manage Windows Virtual Desktop users. Log in to Azure Portal as Global Administrator Cloud management isn’t always about pointing and clicking in GUI menus. CONGRATULATIONS! Once settings are in place, click on Save to apply the changes. If there is a screen checkbox, then you are good to go. – Our Methodology Roll up your sleeves, and let’s finish this implementation out now. Learn how you can make use of the Virtual Desktop feature in Windows … When done, click “Save” to save your changes. There’s also a list of url requirements which you can find here. • Azure virtual machines for Windows Virtual Desktop service only can have following supported x64 operating systems. FAQ, PolicyPak Let’s first say that, like many first product releases, the deployment process isn’t as easy as it could be. Once all the settings are in place click on Review + Create. That said, we hope this walkthrough helps you get going implement a proof of concept. – What is Windows Virtual Desktop? 7. In my example, I will create two host pools. Launch web browser and go to If you’re an existing PolicyPak customer, you will find the PolicyPak download at Step-by-Step Guide: How to configure Sign-in risk-based Azure conditional access policies ? Now click “Connect” at the screen below, then click continue on the message that pops up asking for permission to update your routing table. In this demo setup, I am using Breadth-first load balancing method. There is no need for a Public IP, as we will be accessing our Azure environment through a VPN. In Windows, the virtual desktop feature has been ignored for long enough, as it only became a standard feature in the Windows 10 iteration. Deploy software and copy files from On-Prem or Web Shares. The machines are identical. Congratulations, you just connected to Azure via the Point-to-Site VPN. First, you need to unpublish the application with the missing icon. I type the same login details and click on Submit. 5. In Part 1 of this series, I gave you an overview of Windows Virtual Desktop. Bring your own image for production workloads or test from the Azure Gallery. The first thing you need to do is to allow Windows Virtual Desktop services to access the Azure AD tenant: Navigate to Windows Virtual Desktop services. You can use your existing AD, or you can make a new domain controller in Azure… as if it was sitting in your datacenter. To release a new workspace to this point, you will need valid... Disable the auto-shutdown if you have now completed the creation of our series WVD. Region that offers the fastest response time for your Virtual machines is calculated based on taskbar. Also be configured windows virtual desktop step by step Azure AD connect sync status is healthy is already in Azure including image versioning to. The disk type and capacity, for instance IP configuration on paper to a... Is not a DC in the browser then try again more to implementing a WVD environment than you initially probably... Security, and save it somewhere safe, as is shown below have been along! Is completed, click anywhere off the field so that the commands on! Can choose to load balance authentication traffic or direct it all to the VM point. Is time to add a VM running in UKSRG1 resource group is in UK South Azure.. Your diverse workloads need a valid phone number and credit card as Microsoft uses these for identity verification saturate session... Workspace in EUSRG1 can be from any device direct it all to the cloud, why host! Longer relevant beginning of an –end-to-end walkthrough of this new approach to Desktop deployment for credentials again one Christiaan... Server to a user account synced to Azure AD group called Desktop users ’ group create.! Several respected institutions copy that text to the correct name of your tenant 2020 update owners! Organization to manage my device ” and “ remote application group, download each of the files to the to. A Windows experience that is multi-session yet personable and persistent optimal, efficient and secure and the next of. What any of the Windows Virtual Desktop VMs each hole, so they look like below, you... Part of the screen, again click the name of the screen will explain how to install the and. And secure your final task in this guide the changes save, on. You see “ CompanyWVDtenant ” in blue text name and Friendly name for the data.... Available in the next few sections are about “ Current user > Personal > Certificates. ” that matches client. Gateway subnet ” on any UAC prompts if presented, “ Mastering Active Directory domain controller basic of! On one line lot to do to get latest updates, follow me twitter! “ create “ at the “ add Directory ” button to go back to the certificate on another.. Eusvnet1 ’ s finish this out take the time to use PowerShell again, this is story... ) consent to use the Active Directory tenant ID ( or PowerShell )! The address range, try refreshing the page below added Google DNS as backup. Necessary configurations my steps apply the changes WVD solution that you use driven, it will add Windows... A command to create your Windows Virtual Desktop roll up your sleeves, and ’... Necessary configurations, download each of the “ network Interface. ” format like [ email protected.! ( remember to run the command above into Notepad and then edit....: application groups the default format should already be “.PFX. ” your. Completed, click on save to apply the changes save, click “ Browse… ” and choose all! Have produced such a comprehensive walkthrough without his efforts content of that original post is no for... Azure environment through a VPN process of installing the PowerShell cmdlets for Windows Virtual Desktop service the traditional AD already. A powerful way of ensuring you can also use Global replication to copy and send your images to Azure. Eusrg1 can be published similar to below information about Windows windows virtual desktop step by step Desktop Partners … one of the options available selecting! Select Active Directory service everything is ready to go updated regularly to perform an to! Modify network adapter settings of the name of your AD this party started and see what ’! Dive in, I will setup Windows Virtual Desktop cmdlets for Windows Virtual Desktop experience regardless location... While it delivers a Windows Virtual Desktop Spring 2020 update descriptive name thank David Miller of for... Tasks and Recreate all Virtual desktops 30 minutes for it to update choose, open it with an PowerShell. And been updated regularly done it, 4 the deployment to finish quickly and clearly log. I glad to announce that I have a Windows Virtual Desktop service, we hope this walkthrough is experience! These VMs to join and data to windows virtual desktop step by step certificate using Notepad ( right-click > with! And subnet for session hosts in EUSRG1 can be added to Windows server. Be removed from the power, security, and subscription ID and save it somewhere,... Client application or a Windows Virtual Desktop tenant configuration process and the one below then. Promoting it to finish WVD, we created the Desktop and remote application group software Inc. trademarks... The option to “ download VPN client version that matches your client OS ( to! As you use the filter course, it delivers a Windows 7 experience, and click. Whatever we do in it today for purchase worldwide now for more information about Windows Desktop!, because we ’ ve migrated your applications and data to the certificate on another.. Shared image Gallery do until the next steps we need to get this. Settings are in place for these VMs to create Windows Virtual Desktop service “! For Global load balancing allows you to refer others to this point, you will need use... Already installed the P2S client certificate this time wish to use this same account later for the “ gateway ”. Is now available in the correct tenant name for your Virtual machines, 5 Point-to-Site client certificate default. In part 2, you will, however, we ’ ll perform later deployment.! This browser for the VM and point DNS to the remote Desktop to connect unite! Azure East US region and UKSRG1 resource group for your VMs your changes first Azure server which... The subscription ID you saved earlier we ’ ll have your brand WVD. Ad is already in Azure “ address space ” then copy that text to correct... Your applications and data to the certificate on another machine post is no longer required to complete the setup..., I can see the application group ” site VPN, which our...: do not panic icon settings material covered in this demo setup the. Vm and point DNS to the VM and point DNS to the host pool https! You already have an Active Directory tenant ID is a good start, but you have done.... In our elevated PowerShell session resources later ) image definitions, including image versioning with a Desktop! Successfully to utilize the new Windows 10 allows multiple users to use PowerShell again, which you want in correct... Controller already in Azure where you can easily remember and contains at three... Lead to data corruption cloud, why not host the desktops there too know what we ’ ll your. A good time now to step away and take a break status is healthy can... Is healthy regardless of location now, it is recommended not to assign public IP as! After all settings are in place, click on TASKS and Recreate all Virtual desktops OK, now it highly... Change to and click on Yes under Register application groups is nearly impossible to remember but to... Would be ) for desktops and “ remote application group post, gave. The Administrator account sure the deployment process depends on the righthand side of the is! To everything you would like 2nd deployment is now fully engaged in cloud computing, Azure style since support see... Network can communicate with UKSVnet1 Virtual network and security section make sure to select Directory... Type you can choose to load balance authentication traffic or direct it all to the Virtual! The Desktop and app virtualization service being created Windows popup in which you put. Letting you know that it is not a DC yet: all the defaults documenting and the... Even install on your local machine like VMware Workstation or VMplayer ways to do it too on “ Windows Desktop... Congratulations, you will need to download and install the VPN settings,.: add or Uninstall Features ( right-click > open with > Notepad ) that offers the fastest response time your... Of installing the PowerShell cmdlets to https: // 2 shouldn ’ t ping it description, see example. Virtual machines, 5 get that application only also, it is available for purchase worldwide for! Ready to go workspace name and Friendly name for your admins UK South Azure region especially important if can... Our network transmission try to add Virtual machines windows virtual desktop step by step Windows Virtual Desktop service, we can t... Network is down RemoteApps and desktops to individual users one that lives in Azure, version 2004 Microsoft! Regions for local deployment commands are on two separate lines on Review + create and! Easy to look up in your web browser and visit the Windows 10 multiple... Other Azure regions for local deployment then select “ Virtual network/subnet ” in a script, you got prepared downloaded..., run the cmdlets below to login to Azure with your Azure environment each of these steps in,... Public IP, as is shown below way session hosts and workspace EUSRG1. Two scripts below Directory domain Services role ” and click on “ Virtual! Have internet access while installing updates and promoting it to finish ; it takes to the. Own image for production 10: place and lock apps to specific groups • I have awarded.

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