digital signing and sealing of engineering documents

Digital or electronic signatures and seals are handled differently. Specifically, Chapter 471.025(1), Florida Statutes, states, in part: “All final drawings, specifications, plans, reports, or documents prepared or issued by the licensee… shall be signed by the licensee, dated, and sealed… .” And Rule 61G15‐23.001(1), F.A.C., states, in part: “A professional engineer shall sign, date and seal: (a) All final plans, prints, specifications, reports, or other documents prepared or issued by the licensee… .”. For engineering specifications and calculations, an index sheet should be signed, dated, and sealed by all PEs indicating the sections they are in responsible charge. Covered in FAC rule 61G15-23.004 2- Electronic signing and sealing. This works like a software certification from a software supplier. (1) The seal, signature, and date of signature on a document signify that the document was prepared by the licensee or under his or her responsible charge, or that the licensee has reviewed the document in sufficient depth to fully coordinate and assume responsibility for documents prepared by another licensed The signature and seal however vary according to whether the document is physically or electronically transmitted. Digitally signing and sealing the document with a digital certificate but without the “certify” option enabled still assigns professional responsibility and the document can still be authenticated by the recipient. Digital Signing And Sealing Of Engineering Documents Statutory citation for digital and sealing of engineering seals were embossers that the engineer to document Compliance with the printed name, this page and. Each sheet must contain a title block. the practice of Architecture and Engineering, and secondarily to the practice of Professional Land Sur-veying. The signed and sealed report must be sent along with the electronically signed and sealed file either by hardcopy or electronic scan. Please refer to Chapter 61G15-23, Florida Administrative Code, posted on the Statutes and Rules page for current requirements. April 2, 2015 by Kristie Janes in Uncategorized The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) regulates the practice of “plan stamping”. This article is aimed at helping licensees avoid violating the rules by highlighting a few key points on how to properly sign, date, and seal engineering documents. Any final documents of an engineering nature such as drawings, specifications, reports, studies, etc., should be sealed. Printed copies of this document are not considered signed and sealed and the SHA authentication code must be verified on any electronic copies. Then from the end of 2015 through to the end of 2017, based on input from licensees, these changes were refined and can be found on the Statutes and Rules page on the FBPE website. Enabling compliance with the ESIGN Act of June 2000 Digital signing requires that the signer use a credential (such as a digital certificate) that is bound to his or her identity. See Rule 61G15‐23.003, F.A.C., Procedures for Physically Signing and Sealing Plans, Specifications, Reports or Other Documents. Statutory Authority: Florida Statutes Title XXXII 472.025 Georgia PE Seal Requirements. If no image of your seal is included, the signature block must contain all of the information that would appear in the seal. A digital signature is to an electronic document as a handwritten signature is to a paper one and much more. Historically, the signing and sealing of a document was intended to verify its authenticity to its recipient. Chapter 61G15-23.003(1), F.A.C., The licensee shall sign by hand an original of the licensee’s signature on each page required to be sealed. 2. WEBSITE CONTACT: WEBMASTER@FBPE.ORG, Signing and Sealing Engineering Documents, FBPE Probable Cause Panel Meeting (via zoom), FBPE Board Meeting/Application Review (via zoom), FBPE Office Closed – Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The Florida Board of Professional Engineers has temporarily expanded the use of electronically or digitally signed and sealed engineering plans and documents to include printed copies. Covered in FAC rule 61G15-23.005. The required digital certificate will be similar to those used by FDOT such as an Access Certificate for Electronic Services (ACES). In most of the states that allow electronic signatures, the signature must be: 1) unique to the person using it, 2) capable of verification, 3) under the sole control of the person using it, and 4) linked to the document. As a Professional Engineer, you must sign, date, and seal all of your final plans, prints, specifications, reports, or other documents filed for public record or provided to the owner or the owner’s representative. (d) Linked to a document in such a manner that the digital identification is invalidated if any data in the document is changed. A Professional Engineer may use a wet seal, an embossing seal, or a digital seal. In Florida, our laws and rules require that all final engineering documents bear the engineer’s signature, date, and seal at a minimum. BY WILLIAM BRACKEN, PE, SI, CFM Chapter 61G15-23.001(4)(d), F.A.C., The date that the signature and seal is affixed as provided herein shall be entered on said plans, prints, specification, reports or other documents immediately adjacent to the signature of the professional engineer. Scanned copies of signed and sealed documents are not an accepted electronic submittal method. Electronic Signing and Sealing Examples (acceptable): Within the documents themselves, if a digitally created seal is not used, the required text is to appear where the signature would normally appear. Electronically transmitted documents can be signed and sealed by either digital signing and sealing or electronic signing and sealing. Also, you may sign, date, and seal documents required by any public entity or any original document as required by contract. While, Section 23.004, Procedures for Digitally Signing and Sealing Electronically Transmitted Plans, Specifications, Reports or Other Documents, addresses in detail how to digitally sign, date and seal electronic documents, and Section 23.005, Procedures for Electronically Signing and Sealing Electronically Transmitted Plans, Specifications, Reports or Other Documents, addresses in detail how to electronically sign, date, and seal electronic documents. FWIW, Acrobat doesn't let you populate all pages of a multi-page PDF with a signature field automatically - as they consider the entire document Digitally Signed … Any document that conveys any engineering or surveying knowledge, analysis, judgment or recommendations must be signed and sealed. The electronic seal is an EU-wide recognized signature tool for legal entities according to eIDAS regulation and reliably proves the origin (authenticity) and the intactness (integrity) of documents. Each sheet must contain a title block. This is required so that the recipient of a printed copy of an electronically transmitted document will know that the printed copy is not an original signed and sealed copy. The printable signature report must include your name and license number, and list all items to which the electronic signature applies. When hand signing and sealing, every sheet of engineering design document must be signed, dated, and sealed by the Professional Engineer in responsible charge. An authenticated professional work product (PWP) indicates that an APEGA licensed professional has completed the work and is assuming technical responsibility for the PWP. Digital PE Seal: Georgia allows engineers to use digital seals and digital signatures. The information presented on this page was originally published in January 2018 and is outdated. A digital signature must be unique to the Professional Engineer using it, obtained from a third-party certification authority, and capable of verification.

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