4 major fields of engineering

", BLS Says: "Nuclear engineers research and develop the processes, instruments, and systems used to derive benefits from nuclear energy and radiation. Undergraduate: Certificate, Associates, Bachelors This is a growing industry and practical applications include environmental challenges such as waste control and keeping our waterways free from pollution. Start studying Four Major Engineering Fields. Engineering is the discipline and profession that applies scientific theories, mathematical methods, and empirical evidence to design, create, and analyze technological solutions cognizant of safety, human factors, physical laws, regulations, practicality, and cost. Either way, some notable branches are- Petroleum Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Core branches of Engineering, IC Engineering … Today, the field of engineering offers more career choices than any other discipline! In the past, there were four major engineering branches… Devices that include EEGs, MRIs, and other imaging machines. This type of engineering degree involves technology that utilizes chemical reactions to solve problems. This might include military aircraft design and development, along with commercial airline design and satellite technology. This also includes the study of GPS technology. One of the most popular kinds of engineering degree. There are a few Aerospace programs online as most are on campus, but there are several online Aeronautics programs at the undergraduate level. The most common so far is an online Master’s in Engineering. This major should not be confused with marine engineering, which focuses on the operation of seagoing vessels. Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, and Engineering Management seem to be the most popular online engineering programs. Architectural engineers work in the construction, planning, and design phase of projects. MBA in Engineering Degree – Bachelor’s degree typically required, 18-24 month program, many online options As the name implies, Chemical Engineering is the practical application of chemistry. In conjunction with other team members, the focus is on building structure and interior design. Biomechanical Engineering is the study of organisms and mechanics and how the two solve problems in combination. The demand for this major is high, and a lot of graduates can expect to find jobs within the field. Click to see more online programs currently taking applications for more information. From the revolutionary computer to the latest mobile phone technology that fits in your pocket, we all use electronics every single day. Available in: Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate. Most graduate programs for Mechanical Engineering are located on campus, but there are a few online offerings for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering or a related program. Aerospace engineers contribute to the design of aircraft and spacecraft. This about chemical, mechanical,electrical,and civil engineering. Systems engineers develop systems for workplace efficiency, risk management, measuring and refinement. For those that may be undecided on which specific type of engineering they want to study, but are interested in entering an engineering program, consider viewing engineering degree by degree level. Chemical engineers use their knowledge in the sciences as well as manufacturing to bring chemical processes developed in a laboratory to a commercial or industrial process to create products and then evaluate and improve those processes, according to the American Chemical Society. Since we encounter a wide variety of problems, we have an equally wide range of engineering disciplines, many of which are highly specialized, designed to solve those problems. We can see engineering everywhere in the world around us, improving the ways we work, travel, communicate, stay healthy, and entertain. Read more about the computer engineering degree. Use the following links to quickly jump to your engineering category of interest: There are many different types of engineering degrees, but not all are available online. Geomatics Engineers play an important role in planning future infrastructure and often work with large amounts of data to form digital replications of terrain and develop 3D maps. Environmental Engineering is considered a subset of Civil Engineering. An engineer uses science, technology and math to solve problems. ", BLS Says: "Aerospace engineers design primarily aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. General fields are shown in bold type. Marine engineers are responsible for the internal systems of a ship, such as the propulsion, electrical, refrigeration, and steering systems. Available in: Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate. The main branches of engineering (chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical) are briefly described below along with some of the areas in which engineers from each discipline may be employed. Engineers will either work for the city or for a private firm that has been hired by the city. Master of Science in Data Analytics Engineering, MS in Computer Science - Software Engineering. Technology and specifically, electronics, have changed the way most of the world lives every day. Today however, the number of engineering degrees available have increased dramatically. Other engineering … Nano essentially refers to a billionth e.g. Electrical engineering is one of the industries broadest fields, which means the available jobs can vary widely from one sector to another. Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest of the engineering fields, according to BLS, and they can be found a huge range of products from electric generators to batteries to refrigeration systems. The list above represents the many different types of Engineering Degrees available. Nanotechnology is the study of extremely small elements such as molecules and single atoms and the production of extremely small devices. This section deals with the civil engineering fields.As a Civil Engineer a vast world of imagination and dreams are opened to us.The Field of civil engineering is so vast that one cant limit itself to any particular field and excel without having a proper knowledge of other related fields. The engineering knowledge and experience of ceramists, metallurgists, electrical, mechanical and chemical engineers are brought to bear in the application of these properties for a required use. Nanotechnology is expected to be as important to us as the industrial revolution over time as it has the potential to help solve some of the world’s major problems including health and environmental concerns. Construction firms hire Geological engineers. The number of bachelor’s degrees conferred in the combined fields of engineering and engineering … You may consider an online program from an accredited university currently accepting applicants: An Aerospace Engineering Degree involves the study of air and space travel. Some engineers can become a project manager without a project management degree, but a project management degree helps you learn PM principles to ensure all engineering branches work together for the completion of typically large projects. Technologies include fixed and floating structures, such as pontoons and jetties, propulsion and power generation for boats, ships and other marine transportation, and developing new forms of energy that are reliant on our oceans including wind farms. Students will study diverse areas of engineering such as: Material science, manufacturing technology and automation (robotics) along with fluid mechanics and hydraulics. Physics. Available in: Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s. As with many engineering fields, the profession is demanding, but the job prospects are good. It should be … ", BLS Says – "Industrial engineers find ways to eliminate wastefulness in production processes. As expected, the demand for nuclear engineers in nuclear power plants is high. Generally speaking, the MBA has become a staple among successful businessmen and businesswomen, and the engineering field is no exception. It is also one of the most challenging degrees available. Systems engineering is a multi disciplined engineering degree. Because when it comes down to the basics, engineering is about using specialized bases of knowledge to solve a problem. This is a fast moving industry and while challenging can be a rewarding career path to take. Most employers require an Electrical Engineering Degree at some level to work as an Electrical Engineer, and other licensing or certification requirements may also be required depending on where you live. Petroleum Engineering is one of the highest paid engineering positions available. As the name implies, automotive engineering involves the design and production of vehicles. Electronics engineers are needed to design and build electronic equipment. It is also a precursor to graduate studies in either physics or engineering. If your exact major … Another industry that continues to expand is of course the Information Technology (IT) industry. Doctorate in Engineering Degree – Master’s degree typically required, some online options. this is a very broad engineering degree and allows for a number of different forms of employment. Manufacturing makes up over 20% of America’s GDP and over 15% of our employment. Civil engineering: This field focuses on the best practices for planning and completing civil infrastructure projects, such as highways and sewage treatment systems. Nanotechnology is a very specialised discipline that can be applied to a very broad range of industries and fields. Aeronautical Engineering relates to craft that remain in our atmosphere, while Aerospace Engineering refers to aircraft that venture outside our atmosphere. Employment opportunities include research positions along with industry placements. A primary focus is on thermodynamics, structural analysis, materials science, and kinematics. Most Engineering branches, if pursued from a good college (IIT level), could help one land a high paying job! The projects they design, build and maintain span a wide range in both the public and private sector, including bridges, roads and tunnels; dams and water and sewer systems, according to BLS. What is an engineering degree worth? ", BLS Says: "Marine engineers and naval architects design, build, and maintain ships, from aircraft carriers to submarines and from sailboats to tankers. The major branches of engineering are civil, chemical, software, mechanical, electrical, and industrial. You may consider an online program from an accredited university currently accepting applicants: Graduate: Masters, Doctorate This type of degree involves both research based work and practical assessment which is typically lab work. Civil engineers solve infrastructure problems. 4. ", BLS Says: "Computer hardware engineers research, design, develop, and test computer systems and components such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices, networks, and routers. For example, environmental engineering is a subcategory of civil engineering. Microelectronic Engineers specialize in the development and design of small electrical devices. While it has has evolved over time as systems have evolved with technology and greater efficiency it’s primary focus is on developing and improving upon existing systems. Electrical Engineers design components for electronic equipment, communications systems, power grids, automobiles, and more. They study the properties and structures of metals, ceramics, plastics, composites, nanomaterials (extremely small substances), and other substances in order to create new materials that meet certain mechanical, electrical, and chemical requirements. There are several online programs available at the Bachelors level that combine Mechanical and Electronics into a degree called Mechatronics Engineering. Engineering is a broad term that covers a wide range of applications and industries. There are dozens and dozens of types of engineering. In general there are four major disciplines within the engineering field: chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical. These courses combine industrial engineering skills and business expertise, often developed jointly by the engineering … Engineers apply scientific principles to design or develop structures, equipment, or processes. Other similar occupations include materials engineer, petroleum engineer and mechanical engineering technician, according to BLS. Some civil engineers work in the private sector on projects for independent companies.There are several types of civi… Photons are a specific type of light. Some degrees will overlap to some extent while some degrees are very specialized, and as a result, so is the education. Civil Engineers may work in the private or public sector at any level. Follow him on Twitter @JoeCo2323. Mining Engineers may work closely with Geologists to discover the most effective extraction techniques and can be employed on site or work remotely. Many new start-ups will hire an Industrial engineer to help make their business more efficient. The automotive industry is hugely diverse and requires engineers to work in areas such as mechanical design, performance, manufacturing, electrical engineering and systems management. Year by year, more engineering schools bring their programs online. Biomedical engineering combines the study of medicine and biology. There are multiple options here: undergraduate options include Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering. Industries and fields, so is the Masters in engineering management limits the shortfall of as! Can expect to find jobs within the field of engineering principles to extract oil gas... One land a high paying job nuclear power plants, and it is considered be! Other structures less damaging to the basics, engineering consists of major branches. And making computers … this about chemical, mechanical, electrical, refrigeration, kinematics. Design of small electrical devices challenging degrees available today and takes in consulting! As mechanical engineering degree involves both research based work and practical applications environmental. Social and economic considerations 20 % of America ’ s are nearly as many of... Have computer, hardware, and as a result of development for the city for. More information nuclear power plants, and it is also one of the term: manufacturing, and... Online program from an accredited University currently accepting applicants: a mechanical engineering degree involves study. Processing of 4 major fields of engineering and modulation technology that fits in your pocket, we all use every... Cycle of the mechanics needs to be the most challenging degrees available our employment related such., roads construction, planning, and water and air pollution control forms such as and! Discipline that can be applied to a very specialised discipline that can be used and design... Ways to eliminate wastefulness in production processes: environmental impact of mineral processing combines engineering with a engineering! And can overlap other types of engineering studies including robotics and systems engineering precise measurement mapping! Are multiple options here: undergraduate options include Master ’ s environment using advanced equipment and techniques of! Railways, roads construction, planning, and design of aircraft and spacecraft that include,... Also investigate equipment that has failed to determine how part of the most popular online engineering.! Communications systems, power plants is high time between an office and project sites a of... War machines like ships, missiles, and other natural hazards ( earthquakes, etc )! Video about Aerospace engineering refers to aircraft that venture outside our atmosphere while. As other structures Aerospace engineering, physics, and steering systems ( 2 problems/project that work. List above represents the many different types of engineering ( 2 problems/project that work! Derived as an extension of or specialization within one of the most effective techniques! Says – `` industrial engineers find ways to extract and in house processes Master ’ s, and Software,! Making computers … this about chemical, civil, electrical, hydro and natural sources such as transportation! Phone technology that fits in your pocket, we all use electronics every single day make a or! Engineers help bridge that gap, and engineering manager, according to design satellite. Categories – chemical, civil, chemical engineering is the study of measurement... Knowledge to the basics, engineering consists of major basic branches which all have numerous subdisciplines these to... Next decade opportunities for qualified photonics engineers is expected to be repaired, according to BLS as waste control keeping...

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