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?�R0�:�yg7�J����U$,z��@'�_ ��X�ك�b*Bpuǖ`F�k��,`)"�(�iś�^�*��A�r)}K����1J�L �{����5.�x��ھ���G����PF_�!N[ E��h%�č�ٌɶ�M�J���0���^��Ѡ�1b'��m��R3�6�$��l9mDb��XЀ_79툌-��$^�Lg DISSEMINATION OF FINDINGS: PRESENTATIONS AND PUBLICATIONS Anne Walling, MB, ChB Professor Terry Ast Research Analyst Department of Family and Community Medicine The University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita (316) 293-2607 ]E*���d@�B_��݊:2X�V�k�w���-�Xt1K�1�3A���|��#-J�U�4V��>��c(W4țmb�#p���}�,�nq��cI�K��c�Q,�"*�B[ޞ¦;=��&�S�y�^4>�K�B�����Kט��j=���!�Y�G�����)g�L�#Ÿ�1*�lg>��~�4n��vN ���Ɏ:ƕ��rS|C�EͲ��ix 1M�e/�Ī��/1(�g�sY��)��szlg��U;�u�MkN0�#o�L[;ض�Ci���H���r&�E������$UH�hHlX�@���l�-�*�6��D$G0p` for organization of research presentations in oral or written form. Research utilization is the process of synthesizing,disseminating,and using research generated knowledge to make an impact on or change in the existing practices in the society. Weber (1985, p.9) also explained that, “content analysis is a research methodology that utilizes a set of procedures to make valid inferences from … endobj 2 0 obj Another important goal of this paper is to convince the researchers to use the author's semantics-based layout strategy for transparencies. 8 0 obj endobj 1 0 obj 14 0 obj ����o�ʎf���Էn��秦n���o�0M�N����`���F��� �����;���}7��O�M�'4�4]��ߟ&���g���Yf!w��μ�{z_�ڌ�76Q�i�mm]u�����oGҿڻ׽��OS���;�~����qp��u�0�_W�ֻO���R~�{����ur��9��,������ �Dm?gBC��.��ZO���P$-)-V�)_���Y�or��=jEq�К]��t[����! PDF. << /Metadata 3 0 R /PageLabels 4 0 R /Pages 5 0 R /Type /Catalog >> endobj whether we should present percentages, or ‘x out of 10’, or level of shading of star (for example) to signify result; and Systematic Review Process Overview 3. )6�dD�5zƢ{��8j��w|v�H��c�1vUmj��\�pv��� ��/~wq���n�v�醪v�X7�v����fC�3.�;�X��>� }=y1�L[�m�±>1���v�OSU��S�o� Reporting Research Findings 4.2 Interpret Results Reporting data involves more than just presenting it. A Guide to Help Ensure Use of Evaluation Findings EVALUATION GUIDE ... Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, Applied Research and Evaluation Branch. Findings [Detail your main findings in this section. RESEARCH PAPER • Getting ready with data • First draft • Structure of a scientific paper • Selecting a journal • Submission • Revision and galley proof Disclaimer: The suggestions and remarks in this presentation are based on personal research experience. << /Nums [ 0 6 0 R ] >> endobj stream INTRODUCTION Previous papers in this series have intro-duced readers to qualitative research and identified approaches to collecting qualitative data. PDF file: 3.1 MB: Best for desktop computers. The major purpose of the entire effort is to make the research presentations as easy to comprehend as absolutely possible. PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS OF THE RESEARCH FINDINGS 7.1 INTRODUCTION Chapter 6 detailed the methodology that was used to determine whether educators are teaching what management accountants need in practice. H��V�n�H|�W�#��&3$�#oZ[I�H��b0�}S#� Er����oϥ+��a�245����|�a�`ݍ~�Go�, Microsoft Word - BOTES v CH 7_1_ 7Nov2005.doc. endobj endobj The previous chapter discussed how to present the findings of your research by 128 COMPLETING YOUR QUALITATIVE DISSERTATION 05-Bloomberg-45467.qxd 12/26/2007 11:59 AM … Therefore it is important for you to investigate the conventions of your own discipline, by looking at journal articles and theses .

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